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 ====== SharpWComp Installation ====== ====== SharpWComp Installation ======
-{{:​public_namespace:​wcomp.png?​100}}+===== Available platforms =====
-===== WComp on Windows =====+{{:​public_namespace:​wcomp.png?​100}} ​WComp is available for different platforms.
-{{:​public_namespace:​windows.png?​100|}} Required packages for the installation are listed in the [[download]] page. You can find the documentation ​in the page corresponding ​to each WComp release. Here are all the versions ​of WComp which are available on this website. You can find all the details ​for installing, requirements and documentation ​for each release.+After downloding it (if the distribution is not available, you can contact ​the authors ​in order to get a copy of WComp), you can find instructions ​for installing ​it for different environments:​
-  * [[sharpwcomp1|SharpWComp 1 for .NET 1.1]] //not supported anymore// +{{:​public_namespace:​windows.png?​direct&​100|}} {{:​public_namespace:​target:​windows_7_pc.png?​direct&​200|}}{{:​public_namespace:​target:​windows_8_laptop.png?​direct&​200|}}{{:​public_namespace:​target:​windows_8_tablet.png?​direct&​200|}} 
-  * [[sharpwcomp2|SharpWComp 2 for .NET 2.0]] //not supported anymore// +  * [[wcomp-windows|Windows]]
-  * [[sharpwcomp3|SharpWComp 3 for .NET 3.5]] //current release// +
-  * [[sharpwcomp4|SharpWComp 4 for .NET 4.5]] //work in progress//+
-===== WComp on Raspberry Pi =====+{{:​public_namespace:​android.png?​direct&​80|}} {{:​public_namespace:​target:​android_tablet.png?​direct&​200|}}{{:​public_namespace:​target:​android_phone.png?​direct&​170|}} 
 +  * Android
-{{:​public_namespace:​raspberrypi.png?65|}} As on Linux platform, WComp needs Mono to execute C# code. Current Raspberry Pi distribustion are compiled for ARM with support for "hard float" which means that float computation are done directly by the processor and not by a soft evaluation.+{{:​public_namespace:​phidgets.jpg?direct&​120|}} {{:​public_namespace:​target:​phidget.png?​direct&​200|}} 
 +  * [[wcomp-phidget|Phidgets SBC 107x]]
-But for the moment, Mono has a [[https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/​show_bug.cgi?id=7938|known bug on "hard float" version]]. So we need to use a "soft float" distribution which is not available anymore on Raspberry Pi web site. +{{:​public_namespace:raspberrypi.png?​direct&​70|}} {{:​public_namespace:​target:​raspberrypib.jpg?direct&​200|}}{{:public_namespace:target:​raspberrypibplus.jpg?​direct&​200|}} 
-  * You have to download the {{:telechargement:2013-05-29-wheezy-armel.img.7z|Debian "soft float"}} distribution +  * [[wcomp-raspberry|Raspberry Pi]]
-  * If you are using a Raspberry Pi Rev B with 512MB, you should replace the files bootcode.bin and start.elf after writing the system on SD card in order to be able to boot you system. +
-  * When logged in, install mono environment:​ apt-get install mono-runtime +
-  * Unzip SharpWCompContainer where you want, to be able to us it.+
 +{{:​public_namespace:​target:​logo_intel.jpg?​direct&​100|}} {{:​public_namespace:​target:​galileo.png?​direct&​200|}}
 +  * Galileo Intel
 +===== Possible platforms =====
 +This is a non exhaustive list of possible platforms not completly available at the moment.
 +  * MacBook, IPhone, IPad, IPod
 +{{:​public_namespace:​target:​logo_windows_phone.jpg?​direct&​100|}} {{:​public_namespace:​target:​windows_phone.jpg?​direct&​200|}}
 +  * Windows Phone