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 +====== WComp on Windows ======
 +{{:​public_namespace:​windows.png?​100|}} Required packages for the installation are listed in the [[download]] page. You can find the documentation in the page corresponding to each WComp release. Here are all the versions of WComp which are available on this website. You can find all the details for installing, requirements and documentation for each release.
 +  * [[sharpwcomp1|SharpWComp 1 for .NET 1.1]] //not supported anymore//
 +  * [[sharpwcomp2|SharpWComp 2 for .NET 2.0]] //not supported anymore//
 +  * [[sharpwcomp3|SharpWComp 3 for .NET 3.5]] //current release//
 +  * [[sharpwcomp4|SharpWComp 4 for .NET 4.5]] //work in progress//
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