SharpWComp 1.x releases

SharpWComp 1.x is not supported anymore. You can download this version, but there is not more developements for this branch.

SharpWComp Addin version 1.x was the first version of WComp (it's an old one) and there is no more support for this release. But if you want to try this version, you can download one of the following release. The code name of the SharpWComp 1.x serie is Ironhide.

Before installaling one of theses addins, you have to install SharpDevelop 1.0.2 (see below).

You have to install SharpDevelop release in order to use SharpWComp 1.x

SharpDevelop 1 and SharpWComp 1.x are using .NET 1.1 framework. You have to install this framework to be able to use them.

Here is the documentation for you to be able to install SharpWComp and start to use it. Alas these documents were written in French.

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