WComp on Linux

As on any Linux platform, WComp needs Mono to execute C# code. The phidget packages' repository contains Mono, so we will install this in order to use WComp.

If there is not specific describied procedure to install mono (for embedded distribution for example), installing mono on Linux is very simple. You juste have to ensure that you are using a quite recent release of Mono in order to be able to use WComp.

Use the following command on Debian and Ubuntu to install a complete distribution of mono (around 200Mo of frees pace should be available on your harddrive).

sudo apt-get install mono-complete

To install WComp, you juste have to unzip SharpWCompContainerMonoLinux.zip where you want, to be able to us it. To be able to get WComp for Linux, you can contact us. We do not deliver Linux over the Web.

To use WComp on Linux, you just have to launch the WComp mono program (Container.exe) with the right options to use it.

mono ContainerMonoLinux.exe -h
Usage:  Container.exe [-h] [-n container_name] [-r beans_repository_path] [-l wcc_file] [-p port]

Here is an example on how to launch WComp Container on Linux.

cd SharpWCompContainerMonoLinux
mono ContainerMonoLinux.exe –r Beans –l pathToFile.wcc –n nameOfUPnPDeviceToCreate –p 55555
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