Download WComp.NET

Several packages are distributed as part of the WComp.NET project.

The main package is SharpWComp, the AddIn to SharpDevelop, allowing you to create assemblies of components in a graphical way, integrated in the free IDE SharpDevelop.

Before installing the SharpDevelop AddIn, you obviously need to install the corresponding SharpDevelop version. Links are below, in the Installation dependencies section. After that, you can download the installer for the AddIn in the pages linked below.

Download SharpWComp Release

Here you can find all the instructions to download and install SharpWComp corresponding to the .NET framework you would like to use. We do not maintain release 1 and 2 of SharpWcomp but you still can try them. The current maintained release is SharpWComp 3.x for .NET 3.5. We are currently working on the next release for .NET 4.5. We do not distribute a complete version on the Web for the moment, but only a limited version for users to be able to test it. We only distribute a full version of SharpWComp to our partners. If you want to have this latest release, you can contact us.

The WComp Container is available for several environments: Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Android (beta release). It allows you to run WComp assemblies without any graphical environment.

Download WComp Container Release

For the moment, we do not distribute publicly this package. We just distribute it to our partners in research contracts. If you are interested in, you can contact us.

The first of two additional packages is the UPnPWizard Designer that allows to reactively and automatically generate UPnP proxy components, load them and instantiate them in a container, when a UPnP device is discovered.

The second is the Aspects of Assembly Designer, a compositional adaptation mechanism based on aspect-oriented programming that can be used to reactively adapt component assemblies when the infrastructural context changes. It is currently not available for public download.

The designer can be installed anywhere and configured after installation. By default, it will be installed in SharpDevelop's install directory, in a newly created directory. Version number is identical to SharpWComp's version numbers. It is likely to work properly only with the same version of the container. For this reason, you can download it in the same page than SharpWComp.

Note: when updating the UPnP Wizard Designer OR SharpWComp, you may need to recompile your personal beans for the new version, and you will probably need to remove all UPnP proxy components already generated. They are located in the installation directory of SharpDevelop, in the Beans directory.

There are three different implementations of the AA Designer. On this page, we will distribute the designer that was designed as two assemblies of SharpWComp components and using the traditional grammar.

Version 1.0-rc1 has to be installed with SharpWComp-2.4.0-rc2. Versions have to be carefully checked, since when the UPnP functional interface of WComp evolves, designers have to evolve too.

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