SharpWComp 4.x releases

SharpWComp Addin version 4.x is the current version that is supported. We started to work on the SharpWComp 4.x and it should be available soon. The code name of the SharpWComp 4.x serie is Jazz.

Before installaling one of theses addins, you have to install SharpDevelop 4.3.1 (see below).

  • Latest Release is - 10/11/2014 No public release for the moment
  • Release - 08/04/2013 is the first alpha release

SharpDevelop 4.4.1

You have to install SharpDevelop release in order to use SharpWComp 4.x

.NET 4.5 Framework

SharpDevelop 4 and SharpWComp 4.x are using .NET 4 framework.

If it's not available on your machine, you can install this framework with the following packages:

The documentation for SharpWComp 4.0 is not yet available. You would be able to download it when the first release will be available.

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