WComp .NET Download & Installation instruction

This is the second release candidate of the 2.4 series. For the record, the release number of this rc-2 is 894.

Future versions should introduce no new features, only bugfixes, aiming the stable release of the 2.4.0 version, codename WheelJack.

Release notes:

  • Fixes bean icon display
  • Modifies how the control interface action SetAdaptationSchema handles errors, now it doesn't stop anymore after first error.

Release notes and warnings for 2.4.0-rc1:

  • This version introduces new format for proxy components. Before launching it, you should remove all previously generated proxy components, and regenerate them with the new version.
  • WCC files saved with this version may be not properly opened by previous versions of WComp.
  • Designers generated/created for older versions of WComp may not work with this new version since it its UPnP control interface has changed.

The AADesigner version intended for this release of SharpWComp-2.4 is 1.0-rc1.

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