Use Electronic Brick sensors

Electronic Brick is now discontinued. It's not possible to buy them anymore.

To be able to use Electronic Brick sensors, you have different way to address them.

You can connect Electronic Brick sensors to the GrovePi. You can read the following page to Install Groove Pi on Raspberry Pi.

Use the following converter cable to be able to connect the Electronic Brick 3 pin connector to the Grove 4 pin.

Just have to play with them now. You can use all sensors (led, rotation, button, tilt, buzzer, …)

You can read the following page to Install Phidgets on Raspberry Pi.

You can use the Phidget Interface Kit 8/8/8 to connect the sensors to. You will be able to use the following sensors directly:

  • Rotation sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Tilt switch
  • Big button

The first two ones have equivalent components in Phidget kit, but the two last ones are interesting to use.

This last solution is not yet tested, but we have all the component to test it as soon as possible.

If you want to use the Electronic Brick shield, you will need the Raspberry Arduino Shield Add-on to connect any Arduino shield to the Raspberry. With that solution, you should be able to use the LCD 1602 component that uses a 10 pin connector.

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