WComp Releases

WComp is under continual development. The latest release is SharpWComp It's codename is CliffJumper.

Version Codename Release Date
4.x Jazz
3.x CliffJumper 06/07/2012
2.x WheelJack 15/05/2011
1.x Ironhide 02/05/2006

All WComp major releases as a code name of one of the Transformers characters. This choice is for two reasons:

  • One of the main developer of WComp is a fan of Transformers (we offered him a small transformer figurine for his PhD defense ;)
  • The second reason is because WComp allows to dynamically transform a running program based on components assembly to create a new one depending on the excution environment.

A good illustration of this is the following video. This is a video clip from Hasbro: Kre-o, Create it

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