WComp .NET Download & Installation instruction

This is release of the 3.2 series, codename CliffJumper. For the record, the release number is 1350.

  • You should ask us for this last release

What's new in 3.2 (from 3.0):

  • New UPnP interface for WComp container (renaming container upnp device name and services). So break th communication interface (should use corresponding version of tools like UPnP Wizard designer and WW Designer)
  • Add a new message logger system (with a dialog adding in WComp menu to see log messages)
  • Add some corrections for Wcomp under Mono
  • Add copyright information in some messages
  • Add a new Bean generator Wizard in SharpWComp to generate bean c# interface from an xml description or from a treeview interface (accessible from Bean Wizard when creating a new WComp.NET file)
  • Display an explicit error message when trying to generate a proxy (dll file) in Program Files
  • Fixes some bugs and issues on release 3.0

Same functionalities than the 3.0. Changes concern the UPnP modifications in SharpWComp (renaming the UPnP interface of device and services)

  • You should ask us for this last release
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